Is this possible when shifting realities?

by Brandon

What if I had a desired reality that I wanted to shift to where I was a younger version of myself back at the old house and I had powerful emotions of Joy and tons of excitement of it happening so I could start a new life? Would it be possible that when I went to bed I would wake up in a parallel universe in a different house and as a younger version of myself? Would I remember anything from the previous reality?

Bashar says we're always shifting realities but is it possible to shift to a reality back in time to when you were 6 or 10? Could I take turns switching realities? If every possible outcome has to happen in a different reality then does that mean there's another version of me living in California, London, Texas, Las Vagus and every city on the planet? Could I have been born with different parents in one reality?

Could I shift to my previous life as a little girl before I was born and start over in that life? I think I remember I got bit by a rattle snake and died in that dark room in the middle of the night but I'm not sure if that's what happened. I remember the old house with a wooden fence door I was in. My older brother said I dare you to go in that room one day just 10 seconds. So I did and he closed the door and held it shut. I was yelling at him and he let me out. Then one night I went back in and I remember sitting in the mulch but don't know what happened after that. I'm not sure but I think I died in my early childhood. I remember walking down the wooden steps into the room in the middle of the night.

So is there any way I could shift realities to a younger version of myself and start my life over? The reason is because life would be more fun and exciting. I could shift to a reality where I live at myrtle beach or I'm a famous Pop singer.

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Shifting Realities
by: Anna

Hi Brandon,
I do feel and sometimes experience reality shifts ad I notice things being a bit different, and I do feel we are all shifting in sync with our beliefs and expectations. This is where it can get tricky, even though everything is possible, the determining outcome of the reality you experience is dependent on your beliefs having to match the desired outcome.

It would be so much easier to enjoy and have fun now in your present state and environment and follow your passionate desires into manifestation. While also continuing your powerful playfulness to become more active right now. Actually that's a great start whether you continue your desire to experience a shift back to the past or to living fully in the present moment in the fullness of your being.

Most of your answers are also in your questions and only YOU, yourself can know absolutely if shifting to your preferred reality is a probably for you or not. By taking a deep look at your present beliefs to notice how they would have to be recreated to align you with your deepest most passionate desires will give you the best answers.
Hope this helps,

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