by Jyoti

Thank you for offering this space for us to share and ask questions. Last year I had a lot of itching on my stomach area so basically solar plexus and sacral centres. I was not able to lie down neither on my right nor on my left as the itching leading to burning would become intolerable.

At one point I scrubbed myself to discover greyish colour marks. Now since a couple of months my heart centre is very itchy. It itches on and around my heart centre and I am not able to turn on either side as it itches even more. I seem to have bruises now as I feel I might have scrubbed too hard. Any advice would be appreciated! Peace!

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by: Jyoti

Dear artyslove

Yes, as Anna says changes in our dna cause itching. I am still itching and now it is on my shins and upper stomach. Annoying will slow down or block the process. Stay in gratitude, pray asking the Source to help and bless so that all changes and new energies are assimilated in your energy system with ease and harmoniously. Give loving thoughts to the areas that itch, massage some coconut oil and bathe with baking soda and white vinegar.

Hope this helps
Stay blessed and enjoy the process

Take a Deeper Look
by: Anna

Hi Artsylove, taking a deeper look at what may be irritating you? It could be irritation that "others" or even "situations" may be irritating you. When you look deeper at what may be going on and become aware of it so that certain things no longer irritate you, then the irritation then disappears. Our body will always show us what's been going on internally that we were not aware of. DNA changes also brings these types of symptoms to the surface also to be aware of, so that we can release old energy.

I hope this helps,
Infinite Love Anna

I understand
by: Artsylove

I have that a whole lot! It's very annoying.. Like everywhere.. What helps me a bit is taking a shower a hot one just because it feels good, and hydrocortisone cream helps me.. I'm looking for tips and help also.. Too many symptoms to count.

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