by Jyoti Sondhi

Two years back, I used to have lots of itching in my sacral and solar plexus areas if I lay down on my left or right. Within 10 seconds the itching would start, leading to burning sensation forcing me to come back on my back. After a couple of seconds of lying down straight on my back and after just a gentle touch or massage, the itching would subside.

Last year, the itching moved up to my chest and heart centre; it was so bad that i literally bruised myself in those areas. Same position on my back was alright but I could not turn toward right nor left. This year, it has been my upper chest and shoulders and some on the sides of my thighs but not as bad as last two years.

I am aware that these are all symptoms of the transformation in the body so stay in gratitude. Breathing into the areas that used to itch helped along with salt and soda bicarbonate water baths. All is good!

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