I've seen things through the TV

by Jademoto
(St. Mary's County, MD)

Okay it was summer break and my step dad and I were watching ghost adventures and it was a few years old the episodes we watched and I never seen this episode before. But I was sitting there on the couch and they had showed a clip of an old hallway and my blood ran cold.

I was seeing a black dog like figure in the hallway its eyes glowing. I felt as if it was growling right at me through the tv... The hairs on arm stood up and I started shaking violently my step dad smiled thinking I was getting scared of a little TV show. And as the show continued a lady came on and said she had seen in that hallway a black dog figure as it growled at her like it was going to kill her, she had started shaking like I did and I turned off the TV after that...

My family has had recent bloodline of gifts like mediums, dream interpreters and other gifts I didn't think I had some slight gifts like everyone said but maybe I do or maybe not that just was wow...

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Consciousness Expanding with Awareness
by: Anna

Hi Jademoto,
that it's in your heritage of your family of psychic abilities is even more that you yourself have them too, and this experience shows you that you do. In truth, everyone has these abilities, but it's only when we become aware we have them that we then begin to experiment to use them, or that they become more to the forefront of our awareness and we then automatically begin
to experience more of them.

Now that you have had this psychic experience, which is really expanding of your consciousness to more of what's possible, you will have more because of your awareness of the experience. You have probably had many other experiences that you may not have been aware of in the past, more of it will come to light as your awareness continues to open up to it.
Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Anna

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