Kaitlyn R

by Kaitlyn Robey
(El Paso, TX, USA)

So on 12/12/12, I had something amazing happen to me! I'm not sure if I got waves of energy or if my dna activated. I was sitting on the couch with my friends playing an app, and all of the sudden I had a huge burst of energy flow through my whole body. It felt like liquid light, pure love and compassion, indescribable. It started at the bottom of my feet and it flowed through my body to the very top of my head, all the while I felt paralyzed. I was scared at first and then after it happened I felt so much love!!! I never felt so light and exhilarated. Afterwords my pupils were HUGE, and were abnormally large for a few days afterwords. That energy made me feel like all of my past was resolved, it literally felt like "my slate was wiped clean". If anybody knows what this was please email me mysticmoonshyne@gmail.com

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Activating & Expanding Love Consciousness
by: Anna

Hi Kaitlyn,
Yes it sure does sound like you have experienced dna activation and ascension. You were aligned with a clear connection to higher consciousness as your body was also going through some changes of high vibrational frequencies of love energizing, light rays decoding your body.

Especially having your past being resolved, feeling and experiencing light through your body because the energy is so fine tuned. The paralyzing you experienced may have been your body adapting to the intensified energy. And the alterations of your pupils becoming bigger and brighter from the experience would be an after effect of that clear connection and soul decoding. It seems that your body had an instantaneous energized charging or shift , which is similar to kundalini experience too.

These types of experiences usually lead you to excel to continue your journey for even more exciting experiences to come. I have found through similar experience that you are describing is like an imprinting into your spirit, body and soul. When these experiences are so peaked, it leaves the imprint that triggers us to continually transform everything to bliss and love as we experience all the greatest benefits too.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Anna

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