by Emily
(London )

I will only mention the 2 main ones:
:I caught a big flu virus I lost my sense of smell for over 45 days and whatever I was eating tasted the same, only the texture was different , there was no sweet or sour all the same, when I regained my sense of smell it was enhanced.

I could detect any chemical, give an example, if I was smelling a beautiful & expensive perfume together with the perfume I would smell unpleasant chemical within, stopped using perfumes. I can smell people and according to their smell I know their moods and their thoughts and health conditions.

2 years later another big flu virus, and with it I realised I could not only sense but see the dark souls of people. When I was still with the flu certain people would terrify me, certain souls were so dark with horrid emotions and thoughts you have no idea. After the flu when I see people with darkness I just try to send some light into their lives.

And by the way I look younger then 10 years ago I have became aware for what is happening into our world. I can see things getting from bad to worse and I am so frustrated that I can’t help the world for real with so many people side tracked into believing aliens and starship. There are other dimensions but not in the ways are presented to you!

That kind of stories are fed to you by an elite who wants more & more power, and direct the intelligence of special people not to change our world but hoping in an alien intervention that hypothetically would change our world!

While rich people get more and more powerful and we get more brainwashed, and our reality is manipulated and governments are taking away the last shred of freedom we have and we should act creating power within ourselves

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