Kundalini Awakening

by Cem Metin

My kundalini awakening began about 8 months ago in November 2014. First two months was really blissful. On January 2015 I was at a meditation retreat. I started having all of these weird symptoms like profound psychical exhaustion, inability to focus, loss of memory, loss of language abilities and some words. Spontaneous crying for months. Having intense vivid dreams every single night.

Still to this day I'm experiencing these symptoms and I feel really hopeless. Are these symptoms temporary ??

I had to start taking prescription medication because of the severity of my situation. They gave me some relief for a couple of months but they don't work anymore. I'm trying my best to accept my situation and surrender to the process but I've been depressed for so long and I get suicidal thoughts from time to time. Every day I'm praying to god that these symptoms would eventually fade away.

Kind Regards
Cem Metin

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energy imbalance
by: Anonymous

i have been practicing mantra chanting meditation since 2 years. everything was OK my life was going very smoothly. but these days i am noticing some changes like whenever i finish my meditation my feel like my whole body has been engulfed in fire and electricity like things running throughout my body. sometime i have extreme bliss and sometime i have extreme sadness. i feel like i have i have lost everything and suicidal thoughts comes in my mind. i try recalling my past and. i have mental confusion and other many things. i just want do know should i continue with meditation or shall i stop it. its been a year i am having this problem. i am a student 20 yrs old. my life has been a kind of hell. sometime i wish i had never started meditation.

Anna's Reply,
Meditation does begin many activations and body symptoms, and you will swing between emotions of extremes. Your body is clearing out the old cellular memories and priming the body for higher vibrations. Best to just breathe slowly through whatever you go through and relax. Also the reply below goes into more detail about it too.

Opportunity for Self Mastering Respons-i-bility
by: Anna

Hi Cem,
thanks so much for sharing your experiences and the courage you have in the desire to resolve your present circumstances. And yes, these symptoms are temporary, and it's really important to also not judge yourself in anyway. As you are going through an intense stage and once you get through it, you'll be amazed of your own empowering abilities.

It sounds as your body has become immune to the prescription medication, and it could be an opportunity for you to now practice and use your own focused attention of your thoughts to gain more control of your body. This is the next stage in progression when going through these symptoms and rectifying the symptoms.

The depression and suicide is usually a result of deeper stored emotions of believing you have no power or control. These emotions are rising to the surface for you to realize them and no longer have an emotional reaction as you did in the past. Without an emotional reaction, you can just look and face them, this makes it easier to release them once and for all.

Once you begin to gain more control with your thoughts in controlling your body, the symptoms will begin dissolving and the higher frequency emotions will take their place.

As you gain more and more control over your body by our focused intentions through focusing your thoughts as much as possible only on what you now desire to experience, bit by bit you will see amazing results.

We are all learning to allow the Infinite Source Divinity to channel through us and to become ONE with the Infinite, and this takes learning and gaining our own self responsibility.

We are now working from the inside out instead of the outer in. The more you do this, the more you will master it, and we know you can do it because most of us have gone through so many similar experiences and have done it, so we know that you can too!
Love and Light, Anna

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