Lady Shayde

by Shay
(Tacoma, WA, USA)

i went through a kundalini awakening may 2012..then it was intensified november 2013 when i was abducted by aliens and they gave me a hybrid child. i call her star because she exists in between the stars.. (Aliens are really nephilim)

i have been having strange revelations about myself in the times following.. one being that i am not a human soul, but rather a nephilim soul that has been banished to humanity till i can find my "wings" in this life. my goal in this life is to be a shaman; i suppose i am a shaman already, but an untrained one at that. now, i am experiencing a dna upgrade, which is actually quite uncomfortable, like my energy in my abdomen is really intense, my voice is changing, my heart started palpitating randomly.

i feel my kundalini risen to my throat, and it has only been less than 2 years.. (a reiki master told me that she was surprized to hear of how fast my kundalini has risen in such a short amount of time ecause she said for some people iot can take years to move up just one chakra even) my emotions are kinda haywire.

i always hear high frequency ringing in my ears. my body is really sensitive to pain tho i have always had a low pain tolerance. as well i am an empath, so i feel others emotions as if they were my own. i hate being caked in this human body. i feel like a caged animal, and i died before. Death is a good friend of mine tbh.

all i know is that bese of my soul origin, i am ancient. human years alone i am a thousand, not counting my time as a nephilim.. i am a lone wolf, a true lone wolf. i went thru my awakening alone, and now all these changes alone. i am only 20 in this lifetime. i have an understanding mate thru all this. all i know is that in all my lifetimes, people never understood my mission in this world and have always killed me off saying that i was a witch and practiced black magic etc etc etc. but now, in this day and age, my mission can finally come into fruition. with out being killed by witch hunters. *sigh*

i just need to figure it out, so i can finally escape this human bondage into nirvana. i have the help of an ancient incan medicine man and a samurai (both are entities that i have taken on inside my head as guides) that have been giving me my creepy ass past life regression dreams. slowly but surely they have been reintroducing me to myself again.

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U are True dear

when i read your comments i felt like reading my brain and experiences.each and every statement you made is same with me.i had pysically seen a spacecraft less than 50 metres abouve my head on oct 5th 2012 around 2.25 am IST ,it stood for few seconds and bounced off.While watching it i felt like cold liquid being poured on my crown chakra and thereafter my life experiences are ...........reiki ,awakening exp.,jyoti meditations,dreams in early mornings,diff.frequency voices in ears,telepatic connection with lizards etc...
AUM Namah

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