Letting Life Flow

by Brandon
(Easley, South Carolina)

All throughout my ascension journey, i have learned to just let everything that happens, happen, and whether or not i like it is not up to me...it was meant to be and there is no changing it...because we are always being tested with new experiences designed to test our emotions...if we fail these tests...then we are not helping ourselves...to help ourselves we must learn to not allow negativity get us or throw us down...to learn to accept as it is. If you were to be out and something happen to you that, normally, would make anyone angry, you must learn to accept it, to not get angry, to instead let yourself know it is okay and keep your emotions at a constant or rising level. Your inner self is always trying to put you through these tests. Every time you succeed, you are gaining experience, therefore raising your vibration. We all must learn to control our emotions. It is the only way to rise to the better. It has greatly helped me and i know it will help you. Peace and love to all, Brandon

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Great Insight
by: Anna

That's great insight letting life flow, letting go of the judgment of everything and relaxing in knowing it's all for the experience. Fabulous, the best way to live life. Thanks

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