Life is a Dream and You Create your Own Reality

by Brandon
(South Carolina)

If you became so aware that everything you see in your reality is an illusion created within your own mind and every person is a mental projection within your mind and you have complete faith that you can control your reality would you be able to fly or morph into another person at will?

How would you believe this after going your whole life believing your world is real? If this is a dream and if you became really aware that nothing is outside of yourself then you should be able to do these things like in lucid dreams Right?

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Beliefs into Knowing
by: Anna

Brandon, that you have asked these questions shows how expanded your consciousness is and that you are really on the leading edge with reality.

I do feel this is the path many of us are on, to opening ourselves up to the this realization of reality and just how fluid it is. We are unfolding, expanding our consciousness to become more comfortable and accepting with exactly what you are describing. Because we have all believed the world was a certain way, and we are learning it's not what we once believed it to be.

So I would love to hear your answer to your question, "How would we believe this after going our whole life believing our world is real" or in other words, what type of new beliefs can we create that would be in alignment that would allow us more flexibility to work more fluidly with reality?

It seems the first step is already done because of you asking the question, so you want to move from believing into knowing and expecting.

From my own experiences on recreating new beliefs into knowing, is to be in the powerful present moment as the new state of being and keep that momentum going. Already believe it is that way, and focus as if the new belief was already an actuality, until you just know it is. And then live from that state as must as possible.

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