Love Everything to Create The Highest Benefit

by Anna Antoski

If there's anything that you are doing now that you have any negative attached memory feelings about, you have 3 choices. Either 1. transform those negative beliefs about it or 2. stop doing it completely or 3. continue doing it but if there's negative beliefs about it, the results will also be negative too.

So whether it's smoking cigarettes, eating junk food, or dealing with difficult people. It doesn't matter what it is, the most important thing I have found is the beliefs with attached emotions to whatever we are doing is what's creating how the present and future outcome will be.

So if you eat junk food, you can either stop eating it or eat it with negative beliefs with negative outcomes or love it and eat it with joy with the belief that commands the body cells to believe the body is accepting the junk food as nutrition instead of anything bad for you. Because if you continue to eat junk food with negative beliefs then you are creating your body to respond to create negative body results of ill health from that negative belief.

We can easily see how this then creates out of harmony of our body instead of harmony. Our brain and body doesn’t know the difference if something is good for us or bad for us. It only knows from the command or program from what we believe to think from what we have been conditioned to believe from past limited programming.

When we create our own beliefs about anything to be beneficial for our body’s response is taking our own power by conditioning anything to be reprogrammed as a belief for our highest and most beneficial ways for our body to respond. This wisdom may take awhile to absorb if your beliefs are based on listening to others other then trusting and listening to yourself. Just try it for one belief of something for awhile to experience this amazing transformation, then you will be so amazed and will do it for everything you want to transform for your highest benefit.

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