by Lynnette
(New Zealand)

I am currently going through a period of ending an old cycle and starting a new one. I have been feeling stuck for some time and have now developed a cold along with sinus problems. Intuition has been telling me that this is more than a cold and that I have a lot of blocked emotions; anger, hurt, guilt etc to release.

I too have the feeling that taking medication will not work; as it hasn't so have stopped; and have been crying today. So I will see what happens in the next few days. Still so much sadness at the moment and will continue to feel it and release it.

Just like to tell you I am grateful for your website as I only came across it today when I most needed to read what I have just read. It helped confirm a lot of things for me, so THANK YOU and the UNIVERSE for leading me here.

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Medication and the Pharmaceutical System
by: Anna

Hi again Lynette,
If you are not familiar with pharmaceutical, how it started and the great benefits of your own healing, I added a video of Bruce Lipton explaining it on the "Symptoms of Change" page.

It's the 3rd video on the page. If you are already familiar, you can disregard it.
Cheery Blessings,

Great Intuition of Blocked Energy
by: Anna

Hi Lynnett,
so glad you also shared your experiences and that you've also stop taking the medication which means you are opening and tuning more clearly in higher consciousness It's a great revelation when we begin to trust ourselves, as you are doing.

Your intuition is right on! Blocked stored emotions of lower vibration energy starts to come to the surface as we go through these awakening stages. And all the crying is so healing, that means old stored energy is being released.

Through these sadness stages, which can come and go, you are letting go of an old personality you've became familiar and comfortable with. Similar to a loss. As you continue allowing more to come up, process it, and release it, the sadness will subside.

As I had mentioned to Bristol, during the sadness and releasing of old negative emotions, working on loving yourself through the process helps tremendously. Connecting and being nurtured with the most ultimate divine love.

Sometimes through self love affirmations, more blocked emotions may surface, eventually it does become more comfortable. Daily do something you love to do, just for yourself is another way to honor yourself.

And thank you so much for your heartfelt appreciation, and we're glad the Universe lead you here too. It's so wonderful that we can all connect in this way so we know we are not alone in going through so many changes.

Eventually there will be sharing of all the benefits once many have gone through the releasing processes to get to experience the most fantastic love/bliss states of being. With great empowering benefits from it all of more incredible new abilities too.

Do keep in touch to let us know how it's going, or if there's any questions about anything.
Infinite Love Blessings,

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