Muscle pain

by Annistacia
(Canada )

After reading the ascension list many times in many areas on the web, I see that I have more than half if not more of the symptoms listed. But I still question it.

I've definitely evolved before. This time though, I feel exhausted, I keep hurting my self accidentally, more clumsy, can't think straight/foggy mind, I have a crazy amount of muscle pain, in my upper back and shoulders, wrists, and inside my thighs and even in my stomach area, as though I have done a really intense workout.

I'll go through slight mood changes all day, I'll be happy, loving everything and everyone, then become very easily irritated and grumpy, then tired and then feeling fine. I have definitely been more emotionally sensitive, I have always been but now it's like a switch has been adjusted or something and I can feel everything, others pains and joys, even on movies! Which is nice when it's actually happy moments, but when it's the bad things it's just torture almost.

I've also noticed things that end up not being there, and then I've also noticed things in the sky... Very slow moving stars... I'll be looking at the stars and then one will suddenly start moving it and I'm able to follow it for about a minute or two until it vanishes. ( although I've been told it could be a satellite ) but I get super happy and excited after experiencing this.
I'm sure my list could go on but this is all I can think of at the moment.

I also have decreased appetite and increased thirst, although I've always gone back and forth in my diet with this minus the thirst part.

If anyone can shed light that would be wonderful !!

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Body Changes
by: Anna

Hi Annistacia,
love your name. There are so many of us that have gone through, and still going through many body changes as you are. I found putting the least attention as much as possible on these changing symptoms, and keeping focused on it all subsiding is the best way to get through it all, and also helps the body too.

Just as we go through changes in different stages in our lives in childhood, and teenage years, menopause and so on is similar to another stage of changes our body goes through as we evolve in enlightenment too. Our body and organs are going through major changes.

Seeing things and different experiences that are newer to us is also a result of these changes, as it's priming us to use more of our latent abilities. And to see more that presently is invisible becomes bit by bit more visible to us. As we rise in consciousness, our body is adjusting to higher energy frequencies too.

The greatest thing is that we now have technology as a fabulous tool to not only share our experiences, but also become more knowledgeable about all these changes. As we continue to build our trust in ourselves too. The benefits do eventually outweigh the symptoms as we go through our transformations.
I hope this helped

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