by Sandi

Some years back I experienced a depression during which my perception of time shifted. It's difficult to explain, except to describe that everything was happening all at once and I no longer felt a past, present or future. I felt quite depressed and did not bother to get out of bed for quite some time as it felt useless.
These symptoms lessened over time minus any prescription medications.

Next I went through another ( had one about 5 years earlier) bout of severe vertigo which I treated successfully with intense with H'oponopono ( thanks for this remedy, Anna!) over a period if about 4 days.

I've also experienced issues with joints and bone pain though I know I'd not experienced any injury, and one bout ( a few weeks in length ) when most foods gave me severe heartburn,

It's a relief to know that more physical anomalies might be coming and I'll be less likely to freak out from not being able to pin point a cause. -- Blessings


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my testimony
by: tilima

Greetings,as I expanded my mind I noticed and my eating more live foods and meditation. I noticed spiraling in my left eye flu like symptoms and also I broke out in a rash on my arms and feet, after it was over I realized old stuff just surfaced, and I feel some of my dna strands was coming together and also things that were dormant in my brain had awakened. And see 1111 everyday

Greatest Opportunities in Trusting Ourselves
by: Anna

Hi Sandi,
Your so right on!
The more we know and learn about ascension, which is expanding our consciousness as we evolve, more light is activated into our body system, knowledge about this stops us from reacting the old ways.

Most importantly, transforming fear to love and trusting ourselves over being influenced from out dated medical diagnosis and remedies, and old beliefs that no longer serve us. So we can instead respond more as a sovereign being, as we are all coming to realize that our body is literally changing through this process. And we are literally detoxing these old energies out of our body.

That means even some of our body organs are changing and growing even larger, along with so many more things are bodies are adjusting to, and this also gives us the greatest opportunities to learn to trust ourselves. Which is in alignment with becoming more sovereign in our newest role of knowing we are creators of our reality.

Throughout this process we encounter many seeming self initiations, we learn so much while experiencing more of our empowerment.

Thanks so much for sharing your DNA changing symptoms experiences, and any other experiences you do go through too.
Blessings, Anna

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