My entire physical body changed

2015 is when I was awakened. And every since then my body felt like it had betrayed me. I used to weigh around 170 pounds, topping off at 190. I was a size 14-16. I had weight loss goals and then BAM! My body could no longer handle glutens, suddenly weight was pouring off of me at an alarming rate (I am now 115 pounds).

Doctors are perplexed because while I have always been lactose intolerant, this problem with my digestive system out of no where was alarming.

In addition to my stomach rejecting anything that was not organic..

Dizziness and only laying down for hours would help..

More sensitive to sounds..

Energy transference seemed to increase, my senses were/are heightened..

Now medically they say their is a logical reason and it could be a lot of things that range from IBS to Ulcer Colitis.. So I am keeping an open mind, but if they don't find a real medical reason for my body's out of no where intolerance to foods I have been eating my whole life, I am going to start Chakra therapy...

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Same here!!
by: Anonymous

I've gone through the same thing!! I'm on a strict low histamine diet now and that helps greatly. Hope you find your answers.

Health changes
by: Anonymous

I've experienced some effects on weight and health myself but not intolerances. It could be that you have changed at a cellular level and your body is telling you that those things like gluten etc are no longer serving you. Chakra Therapy is a really good thing in general so I'd say that is worth a shot.

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