My Experiences.. i think anyway

by Stuart

I have always had a feeling that i was sent here (to earth) for a reason. The last few months, i have been experiencing,a lot of the chest pains, like my heart is like to big for my chest the pain comes and goes s spiratically. Also sleep a lot more, and it seems my dreams are lot more vivid, family members say they hear me talking in my sleep, or i wake up laughing or smiling a lot.

I have had random itching in my body at random moments, my lower back goes to hurting. I have had bad habits and it seems i have put them down just for no reason at all, the sense that i don't need them anymore, i have not taken any medications for any of the pains that i have. Although the chest pains or heart pains are a little scary.

I see a lot of sparkly lights in the corner of my eyes 2 or 3 times daily then i glance to it and nothing is there. Ialso have separated myself from everyone, i feel the urge to stay to myself, and am happy with it, like there is no need to be social, and have been very curious about the whole awakening thing and the mayan calender and stuff.. lol

I also have been eating a lot lately just crave things randomly and don't judge them like i use too. At night i have a urge to just stare at the stars, and at those moments i feel at peace...

Sorry if this a bunch but to me it isn't all coincidence. If you would like to email me feel free to do so..

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