My Experiences

by Katie
(Taos, NM)

I did a meditation to activate my DNA a little over a month ago. I only made the connection between my experiences yesterday. In the way society conditions us, at first these occurrences seemed subtle, but now looking back, I don't know how I could have missed them.

I started having headaches, always on one side, and then they would start to pulse back and forth from the left side of my head to the right. It was never a particularly painful sensation-- it almost felt as if the left and right sides of my brain were connecting, like they were being sewn together without the pricking sensation of a needle.

I began experiencing ringing in my ears immediately, which has been a daily thing, though not constant. I can hear it right now.

I've always been a meat-eater, always poking fun at my vegetarian friends. Three weeks ago I was cooking dinner when abruptly, my stomach turned--the very thought of eating meat became repulsive. I could sense the blood vessels running through the flesh, the lymph tissue, and the thought of sinking my teeth through a slab of meat was suddenly not so appetizing, and I have always bought only grass-fed free-range!

I randomly started making raw food recipes galore and I've never been big on raw food.

I've started having dreams. Usually I can't remember them, which has always been normal, but since my activation,they are beginning to come clear.

I've randomly burst into tears twice since my activation, and both times my boyfriend has asked what was wrong, both times, I have had no earthly idea. This also happened once when I was about two years old. What's strange is that I can REMEMBER it. I asked my mom about it once and she remembers. I described the whole room we were in and the situation perfectly. She's still at a loss for how I remember that.

The week before last, I was stricken with horrible flu/cold/sinus infection-like symptoms that were IMPOSSIBLE to pinpoint. My boyfriend had the sniffles and they cleared up in about three days. I had ALL of the symptoms (minus vomiting/nausea,) but fever (which was sometimes present, sometimes not at all, even the opposite,) congested head, congested chest, headaches, extreme fatigue, dizziness, coughing, sneezing, sore throat. Everything during the "illness" is completely foggy-- I can't even remember most of it. It felt like the times back in high school when I would go on a week-long drug binge and have lost the week entirely. We couldn't figure out what the hell I was sick with because spotting the symptoms was like trying to hit a moving target!

My reactions to situations are changing, especially when I am in a situation where I feel I am angry-- it became instinctual without me trying, to take a few deep breaths. It almost feels like my chest will explode if I don't. I have become a lot more sensitive to negative emotions, they are almost completely incapacitating at this point, like my body is refusing to react until my head is clear. On top of that, whenever I have a negative thought or emotion, I notice, which I'd tried to do in my practice, but it was hard to be so constantly mindful. Now I notice automatically. I was dealing with my student loan people earlier today, and I got so frustrated that I started crying and hitting myself in the head-- hard! It was so strange, as if my Higher Self watched me freak out (like a parent waiting for a toddler to cry out her tantrum,) and then returned when I calmed down, because I could feel how overwhelmed and unable to process the situation I was, and though I was unable to control my reaction, it was all very lucid. My Self was very detached through the whole thing. Then I calmed down, because now I was hitting myself, and that was surely not the way to handle the situation, and when I got it all taken care of, I passed out for twenty minutes because my frustration had been so taxing on my body. Such emotions no longer fit with my Self, my body is telling me.

These are the main things I have noticed that rang true with what everyone has said. Thanks so much for your post, and thank you everyone for this beautiful discussion!

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My Experiences
by: Shelsey

Wow, I can really relate to your story Katie. I can relate to a lot of what you're saying. The emotional roller coaster is not fun at all.

I'm an empath among other things. I recently realized why my emotions can go from A to P down to Z and over to B, (if I don't pay attention to it)!! I have always, since a young child like 4 probably younger picked up on other people and their feelings, moods and vibrations.

I kept it inside not understanding it and thought it was all coming from me. But no, no, no its not and it wasn't. I think that's why I have always spent so much time alone, it would become unbearable to deal with it. By the age of 8 I had anxiety and by the age of 14 full blown anxiety and panic attacks. I fell out at school one day. It felt like an elephant came on over and plopped down on my chest. I couldn't breath and thought I was dying and just fell out. The doctor said it was stress and gave me med's.

I'm going into detail about this because if you recognize it early you can control those emotions and shield yourself from them and learn when its your emotion and when its not. Yeah, the hitting in the head thing, I can relate. Its like your brain can't compute anymore information, details, thoughts, actions, nothing and you go into glitch mode.

The headache you described reminds me of a headache experience I went through the beginning of Feb 2013. The first headache was entirely on the right side only, excruciating. The next day around the same time the left side experiences its own headache, but it's worse than the one I had the day before. It almost felt like surgery was taking place while I was awake and mending my left side of my brain to the right side of my brain-as if the middle line that separates the two hemispheres were being brought together. Omg, my body tense just thinking about it! The experience took place for about 30 minutes.

The next day I felt very heavy and grounded like I was walking in a fog, but very calm at the same time-almost like a big invisible heavy metal helmet was on my head but I can handled the weight of it because I'm so deeply and heavily grounded to the earth below. Does that make It's the only way I can think to describe it right now.

When I go into a trance or deep thought that same feeling comes over me. I can control it now and bring the feeling whenever I need to which seems to help me center in on thought and meditation. It's really cool. Now I'm trying to figure out how to harness it and what special gifts or abilities it brings. I want to thank you for sharing your story. It helps others to know that they are not alone and there are others :)

Feel free to connect with me on facebook. I created a page to share my experiences, vent, and just kick it in an anonymous way so I can feel freeeee to share and tell.


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