My experiences

by vanessa
(hampstead, NH,USA)

i moved a chair once by telekinesis. i half levitated off the floor while meditation. i am telepathic but dont know how to control it. And i really want immortality, is it possible to get it by quieting my mind and using my intuition?

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Trust Yourself
by: Anna

Yes Vanessa,
whatever insight is coming to you to do to is your infinite self/source guiding you to do and will be right for you to follow. Begin to trust yourself and your intuition.

My suggestion of controlling any of it, is to focus on the desired intention by practicing your control of any ability until you master the control. It will always be your own work that will be able to control how you use your abilities.

So instead of it being automatic reactions that are generating the energy by your subconscious thoughts and emotions that are powering your abilities, instead you can create a desired consciously aware program to be in control through repetition of focusing or imagining you are in control of it.

Again, great info about changing and controlling your reality by listening to Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza's videos. They help us understand how our consciousness, brain, biology work so that it's easier to accept we are the one's that use the infinite power. Also you will find many insights, intuition and guidance coming from your connection to infinite sources, continue to trust yourself and them too.

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