my experiences

by navi

I think my ascension started in august 2011..i am ususlly a very calm and content person and i hate getting into any disagreements with anyone but that very day on a very small arguement with my husband i just started screaming. It was an unbelievable venting out. I screamed basically at noone over nothing,it was so bad i thought my lungs would pop out.

It was followed by dizziness and vertigo which lasted a month and medically it couldnt be explained. After numerous tests i met a homeopathic doctor who seeing my symptoms put me on a very low thyroid dose. This helped with my vertigo but its been almost 4 years now and it keeps coming back.

i have all other symptoms of ascension like feeling cold,dizziness, loss of memory, detachment,loss of friends, work and purpose, hot flashes, complete disinterest in clothes jewelry, mild headaches, blurred vision at times and palpitations for which once i was rushed to an emergency ward.

My doctors say its hormonal imbalance as i m in my mid thirties but all my reports are normal nothing so out of range to be given medicibes for. My doctor is completely lost and finds me weird i know that. Sometimes i tell him my problem as well as the cure now. He thinks i m going crazy.

I feel empty from inside. With a beautiful career which is on hold now and two small kids and home to take care for, i still feel i have no purpose in life. As if theres something else. I have been meditating for five years now and can sit in a zero state for hours. i am blissful yet something is missing.i am waiting.

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Focusing on Transformation
by: Anna

Thank you Navi for sharing your experiences with us. Though we are going through very intense changes and that the medical system can’t find any diagnosis reasons because they have no knowledge about what is going on. From my own experiences I found the best way to handle all these symptoms is to no longer focus with any emotions on the symptoms, especially with fear, because that’s exactly what we need to transform as it surface. This is our primary opportunity and initiation to ignore "what is" going on, and to be able to now control our body with our thoughts to focus on it being of perfect health and vitality.

As a result of consistently doing this you will regain your health better than before. It will take commitment and deep faith and belief in yourself while knowing the universe is supporting you with other evolved beings we may not yet be able to see, but know they are there to also help us through the changes. Then you will be able to go back to work or your career may even change, your normal life will become even better than in the past, also more renewed purpose will surface as a result too.

The experiences of yelling at your husband though it may seem it was for no reason’s, it’s usually many emotions suppressed without realizing it. These negative emotions, and these built up memories of emotions release through these stages that re actively explode in ways that you described. Be compassionate with yourself as that will lighten the effects. You can also check out the transformation DNA page for more in depth info,

You may find some interesting info in this video, especially near the middle part he describes feeling a loss of purpose.

Love and Light, Anna

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