My kitty- kittycat

by Donna M

When my adorable cat named kitty-kitty was alive he always played with a little furry plastic toy mouse. He loved and would always leave it at the door on the floor on the rug when he was done playing with it.
After he had passed, many times that same little play plastic furry toy mouse would be at the door left from the new kitten i had got. My psychic experience is that this new little adorable kitten is reincarnated from my other kitty -kitty that had passed*donna.

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Signs from Cat
by: Anna

So great when we take notice of these experiences, communication from spirit of our animals. I had a similar experience with my cat who passed on. A month after a bird flew to the front window and sat on the ledge and was staring in the room for a few minutes. This happened 4 more times in the next 2 days, it seemed to me to be the same bird and color and sat looking in. I took it as a sign that it was my cat reincarnated letting me know he's free and happy. That was a few years ago, I've never experienced a bird do that since.

My kitty reincarnated
by: dmcloren

My "soul kitty" Lucie died at age 16. I had known her longer than I had known any human in my life. Of course I missed her terribly. Approximately six months later, a friend of my daughter's brought to us a cat, about 6 months old, a black and white cat and I fell in love with her instantly, as did my daughter. The oddest thing was, when I brought her into the house for the first time and put her down, she seemed excited, as she went about exploring with tail held high. Not at all hesitant or apprehensive as a cat would usually be in a new place. She acted as if she knew the house, and she knew us. Even my husband fell in love with her, after initially being resistant to getting another cat .... I am convinced that she (Oreo, named by my daughter) is my Lucie reincarnated. She returned to me because she knew I needed a friend. She is the most beautiful cat I could imagine, and the sweetest and smartest too. I had always loved black and white cats but had never had one until she came to us. She is very friendly with both humans and cats that Lucie had known, but not so much with any new ones that have come along since then. She is protective of us and actually follows me when I go down to the neighbor's house and waits outside, sometimes meowing insistently, until I come back home. I cannot imagine a more beautiful and wonderful kitty, and I know my Lucie came back to me in this form to make me so happy. She is playful and loyal and brings me so much happiness. Thank you, my beautiful soul kitty Lucie, and my beautiful soul kitty Oreo (or as my son calls her, Lucie 2.0). LOL

by: Anna

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, it's so great when we see through the illusions to know what's really going on. Lucie missing you all so much and coming back now as Oreo, and I know Lucie really appreciate that you acknowledge it too.

Our present dog came to us from a friend who could no longer keep her when she turned 3 years old. And so many signs alerted me to recognize that she incarnated from our past dog who we shared such an amazing close bond.

It's so wonderful that we intuitively and knowingly connect the dots from our heart.
Thanks again,

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