my symptoms, some even diabilitating:

Extreme sensitivies to smells, sounds, light. Overlly sensitive to mold,cigerette smoke, car exhaust, etc..., nausea, vertigo, migranes, chronic anxiety, depression, lonliness, fear, pain all over body, especially back of the neck, and head, shoulders, calves, arms, along the spine, stomach problems, urinary probles, rapid heartbeat, hot flashes like crazy, chills, tremor, sweating, nightmares or really vivid dreams, blurry vision, hearing humming sounds, eyes changing colors, teeth hurting, hives, reoccurring shingles only on palms and feet, feeling of water pouring over my head, visions, psychic phenomena, feeling of guidance, feeling of divinity, random feelings of peace and joy and love, desire to withdraw from people, extreme sensitivity to negativity, random feelings of comfort :-) feeling on the right track, frequent coincidences, feeling very intuitive, feeling of being prepared for something as well as to guide others. Its been torture but I know its a blessing!!

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Behaving as the New Being already Awakened
by: Anna

Hi Ken,
I appreciate your post.
The best way I have found to nip all these symptoms as a result of DNA changes, is to face anything that surfaces throughout each day with others and any situation. If I react in any past ways, I look at it and then I embrace it and then let it go. Just don't need it anymore.

Being true to ourselves in every way is something most of us are in the process of becoming comfortable with, and this does transform the challenges with it to become golden opportunities to be who we truly are, Infinite Powerful Love Beings.

As I stay in peak awareness and as present as I can for not only noticing and re-correcting any old reactions to new responses, as if I am already the being I prefer to be.

So the most important part is not suppressing emotions, and if we express by reacting in lower vibes, get it out and quickly transform it back to love. While staying present through it all, so we're using the powerful present momentum in the best way that serves us and all for the highest benefits.

In this way we face the shadows of the past and embrace them without judgments and let them go as fast as they came.

This way all DNA symptoms won't stay long in the body. When our bodies are staying relaxed and serving our highest purpose, our body feels better than it ever has.
Infinite Cheers Anna

True information is shared
by: Ken C. Kendrick

Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.Thanks for sharing.

good park

Sustaining the High Energized Focus
by: Anna

Hi Shery and previous submission, thanks so much for sharing what you are going through. The feedback that I can offer from my own experiences of how yes, these symptoms can take quite a toll on our body. And I so agree with you both and know that it really is the greatest blessing as you both have experienced the upside of it too sporadically. And you will see more and more evidence of it as you progress through the transformations.

About the timing, I have found it most effective to keep more focus on the end results of feeling better and better, than the symptoms. Even when the symptoms are pulling you down with such intensity, it’s even more important to continually see the symptoms as already disappearing into feeling as well as can be imagined. This quickened the process for me to not get too stuck into the continuous cycling of pain/ fear energy.

Even though we are going through these processes and stages of symptoms, we must also keep aware that what we focus on with emotions continues to create the body system to keep responding. So intentional feeling focusing on the higher preferred reality of quicker changes to feel better and better as it integrates I found to be the quickest and most effective way.
Love Blessings and Light, Anna

by: Shery

Hi Dear
I trust you are all well. Bless you my symptoms are so similar like yours, are you still having them? How long lasted? I am resting a lot and start accrual true and Qi Gong I still have symptoms almost tow months, I can not be active a lot I get so tired so I do lots of sitting! Feedback will be appreciate. Hope you are feeling or will feel grat soon. You are right I feel is the blessing at rend even though so hard. Light and blessings

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