My turn around

by Carmine

I'm a commercial realtor in Toronto and I had just lost a 4million dollar deal which I had been working on for 6 months and about 25k in costs of my own money. I was in a totally negative state for about 3 months after that, until I was going to say by accident but there are no accidents I came upon this website and I remember thinking how it confused me at first. But I came back day after day realizing confused or not this is working. About 3 1/2 months into this I am here sharing my experience.

I decided back then to whole heartedly adopt it. Since then I have been able to turn my life around 110 percent, door are open that have never been before but also helping in other ways.

My girl friend of 6 years and I which we were living together at the time have since broken up yet I am able to blissfully manifest new desires without pain, regret or sadness I can recall thinking to myself this is what I desired and manifested.

Looking forward to expanding my understanding of I.M. Love this website, here every day and continually sending out links to it. Thank you for your time in creating such a wonderful tool for helping us.

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It's Coming!
by: Anonymous

This is backwards, but I want to say thank you for awakening what was once alive in me and was dormant up until I came across this site. Hubby and I have been trying to recondition our mindsets to achieve FULL manifestations. We are getting to a point of synchronicity and total alignment to manifest exactly what we want. I have NO doubt that things are shifting and we will be back to share our story with you. Thank you!

Roadblocks are a Great Sign of Initiation
by: Anna

HI Carmine, I know it can become quite challenging when we come upon more roadblocks on this journey. Keep in mind that this roadblock your are experiencing is a great opportunity to also take you to the next level.

Your submission also inspired me to share more about these types of roadblocks, and you can read more about it by clicking on the right side navbar titled "Roadblocks Initiation" under "Leading Edge Wisdom"

I look forward to hearing more about your experiences.

Need help
by: Hit a road block

Hi Anna
Things were great until I hit a mental block and need guidance
What should I be doing and focusing. Need a priority sequence of reviews to follow on website. Just feel like I'm all the place !
Thank you

Amazing Turn Around
by: Anna

Hi Carmine,
Your experiences are so wonderfully inspiring, and to receive your submission and how you have turned your life around by awakening and expanding yourself to the nature of reality, manifesting the infinite way. We appreciate greatly you sharing your experiences of your turn around, as it inspires others who are still going through these confusing stages until they see the light and come to realize their own power too.

It really warms and expands my heart with appreciation of your appreciation for this website too because this is exactly the reason it was so important for me to share this with others. The more of us that realize and expand our consciousness are not only helping our own infinite evolution, but also collectively opening the door for others to do the same.

It’s a most exciting time in our evolution and we have so much more to manifest and experience now and in our future. Do keep in touch by submitting more of your transformational experiences, they are so inspiring and uplifting, thanks again,
Love and Infinite Light,

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