Names in my dreams, it is rather confusing to say the least!

by Marie
(East Midlands)

Recently I have been experiencing some very unusual dream activity, I have previously had a few 'psychic visions' but I have never quite known how to act upon them, when I refer to them as visions. I have dreamt of a situation which has somewhat manifested itself in reality. I hear the name Tracy Hopkins or Hopkin?? and the other is of a female? named Debbie Wiklie or Debbie Wilkie, the latter is a little more obvious to me as I have 'visioned' the name written, very unusual i must say but the dreams have been rather vivid at times.

The female I believe to be called Tracy always appears as a very faint image within my dream state, there have been several consecutive nights where I have felt like a message is being directed towards me but I have no knowledge of such people!! This lady in particular seems to want to come through to me, it feels as if she is wanting to contact this other person but I cannot begin to understand what is wanted from me or what, if anything, I am meant to do?

I feel quite emotional if i must say upon waking from these dreams. My name is Marie, apologies as I did not initially introduce myself! It would be helpful if anyone had any similar experiences or advice that they could give to me?

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