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Total lack of Fear. Seperation from everybody else, except my wife. The only thing we ever want to do is have sex forever, read or create music and art. Sleeplessness probably because of medication. Drugs don't work the same on me. Terribly hard drugs tend to hardly do a thing to us. We use speed marijuana and opiates to alleviate flue like symptoms.

I quit drinking alcohol overnight without withdrawal whenever previously I drank an 18 pack a night every day for 3 yrs And drank everyday before that for 5 yrs. I don't think I'm an addict I think I'm alleviating symptoms. That's 8 yrs of drinking and then stopping completely without a single craving.

We don't eat meat anymore. Not because we are against it but because we don't want to disconnect from killing life for food. I got high blood,pressure. I think it's because when,I get it checked I'm surrounded by ststressed out people. But not sure. Anybody have high bp?

I'm only 26. Might be the drugs. I get side effects From the drugs but the side effects I get from everything else dissolve. I think I can use the drugs that are here for a reason to help ease into this new state and slowly the drug usage will dissolve as well. Yes fuck the rx companies but as with every other establishment put into place by big business doesn't it seem like the work they do that they seem to think is the worst part is usually the only thing that seems to help anybody And do any good? Drugs are here and they wouldn't be if they shouldn't be Because that's how the physical works.

I looked at a glass of milk when this all started and imagined what it would feel like to be milk and separate and as my stomach began to churn the milk began to Separate. No shit I'm a lot of things but I'm not a liar and I'm not a crazy even though I might come off as one. The milk had only been setting out for a few hours and when my eyes started watering and I realized what I was doing it stopped and went back together. Then an hour later I came back and the milk was totally separated but it was still white (and clear on the top) and it didn't smell foul at all. This was horizon vitamin d organic pasteurized whole milk, the kind they drink on breaking bad yo.

Anyways at this point I thought I could knock off that glass onto the floor by looking at it. As I looked at it I began to be overwhelmed with this question of "why are you knocking the milk off the shelf? it serves no purpose except to prove to yourself you can and you already know you can so why don't you stop" so I stopped.

Has anyone else had these symptoms? Before you respond I ain't trying to get trolled so if your a troll go chill under some other e-bridge.

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Everything is a Beneficial Part of the Whole
by: Anna

I love your lightness with the troll's.

You mentioned "total lack of fear" my understanding of lack of fear brings integration, not separation. This may be something to contemplate. Though for many of us, we find it very necessary in the beginning to withdraw as is needed until we get to know our own selves more deeply. Then we're able to integrate into social consciousness with our new developments, and we no longer are pulled in so easily into recycled stuff.

I also agree with you, and it makes sense that when blood pressure is taken and if you are triggered from others around you of stress, your body will give the reading of it being higher. Being calm and relaxed would give a reading of blood pressure being lower. It's amusing how the medical field doesn't realize to take this into consideration.

I agree with you that the drugs or even med's are really neutral and are here for a reason too, just as everything is. If it's here, it's a part of the whole, and can be used as a catalyst in some way to inspire us to neutralize into acceptance, to use to whatever means is needed until not needed.

Your experience of the milk is very interesting in showing when we focus our mind, we can and do experience some of our amazing abilities, as affecting objects. You can read my experiences of similar things as this if you haven't already, through this link.

I love this video, Tobias Lars explains in detail about fear and love, and when we see it as a part of the whole, instead of being prejudice one way or the other. I found it very enlightening to realize.
Infinitely Anna

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