by roy k austin

Conservation - me and you -
staying put is all I do!
July sky, a pristine blue
and round the house the swallows too,
like darts with flight paths everywhere,
seem there, to celebrate the air !
Think subtle painters understand
how purists may delight the eye,
the water colour in the hands -
the lightest touch to catch the sky,
but high up in the sky up there
I witness the divided mind, -
who fiddles with the atmosphere
is mad, and leaves a trail behind;
we are the stewards of the world
and we demand and we insist
we leave an unpolluted air
so that our children may exist:
And now, my friends, I beg your pardon
the sun is setting on the garden.

Comments for ON MY GARDEN poem

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Compassionately Creative
by: Anna

Thanks Roy, it's been awhile, and so enjoyed your insightful rhythmic poetic compassion for our planet's highest sustainability.

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