People Whom I've Come Across in My Dreams as A Child Are Real in My Adult Life

by Milly
(New Hampshire)

When I was around 3 or 5 years old, I had a dream of a man who I met in a park by some sort of body of water (I can't remember if it was a lake or a pond), and he came off as a really nice man, almost like a businessman, who was trying to help me, but he also needed my help. My parents were also in the dream and they told me we were leaving the park, and this man told me he will wait for me as long as it takes and he will always be there for me.

Years later when I was around 13 years old, I went to a park by the ocean with my parents. It was a beautiful place and the atmosphere was very calming and relaxing. Then, a dark car drove by us and the man driving the car looked exactly like the man in my dream! He had the same hair, and the same clothing, EVERYTHING. He slowed down and the way he was looking at me was as if he was shocked and surprised just as I was and the memory of that dream came back to me at that moment as if it was some sort of sign. My parents thought it was strange the way he was looking at me but they brushed it off. After that day, I could not stop thinking of him. I even meditated and a name appeared in my thoughts as if it was his name that came to me.

Today I wonder who this man is. He's not creepy or anything, rather a very clean-cut man who is very friendly and only positive feelings are associated with this person. About a month ago, I was at that very spot that I saw that man with my parents and we were at a near by beach. A man was walking around in a hat and sunglasses and he wore casual clothes like he lived in the area, and stopped to sit near us. Even though he practically hid his identity, inside I felt like it was him. I hadn't been thinking of him prior to this day or anything, I just had a feeling inside that told me it was him.

It seemed as though my parents were completely oblivious and had no idea he was there. So I tried to get close to him and maybe speak to him but he got up and walked to the direction of the park where I saw him years back. As he walked away he kept looking back at me and I just stood there watching him. I am trying to meditate so I can get an answer of who this man is but I need some advice as to what I should do.

I was thinking of driving to this area on my own to see this man and hopefully meet him. It's a very safe and friendly town so I don't believe it would be dangerous to go on my own. It's hard to talk to others about this because no one has had an experience like this. My dreams had literally manifested in real life!

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Dream Manifested
by: Anna

Hi Milly,
from my own experiences, I know there's always a reason for everything we experience. And I know the answer will come to you, anything we ask, the answer does eventually come. A book that I just finished reading, "Adventures of an American Mystic, by Peter Mt. Shasta may lead you to answers.

Our dreams are another dimension and many invisible guides help us through our dreams too. They also can appear in our physical reality when we are ready to see them. There are many of us, including myself that have also experienced manifestations from our dreams. Go with the feeling of your heart of what to do next, as that's the best lead from the highest vibrations.

Do let us know how this all progresses too.
Thanks so much,
Love & Light Anna

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