physical and mental changes

by Sonakshi

I have been experiencing it since 5 years almost. I have lost my appetite, I have become more thinner and I vomit after eating if I am stressed out. I become fearful about anything...(though it is decreasing now).I become emotional easily.... and also get irritated at times. But there is always something(instinct) that tells me that it is happening for betterment.

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by: sonakshi

Thank you Anna... for your advice.... It will really help me a lot.

by: sonakshi

Thank you Anna... for your advice.... It will really help me a lot.

Releasing and Replacing the Past with Love
by: Anna

Hi Sonakshi,
thanks for sharing your experiences and your instinct is right on, it is for your betterment.

Many of us have experienced fear, stress and loss of appetite too. It's a great sign when our hunger is decreasing because that means we need less food because we're being energized with more Love and Light.

The fear you're experiencing is past emotions and beliefs that have surfaced to be released. We become more emotional too because we are now feeling our emotions instead of keeping them bottled up or in denial. We can genuinely feel because we have become more sensitive without becoming attached to our emotions.

I have found the best way to move past this stage is to not allow the stress/fears take up your attention for too long, as that can keep you stuck longer. Continuously remind yourself that YOU ARE A LOVE TRANSFORMER has really helped me along and releases a lot of the old past while simultaneously replacing it with infinite love and trust of higher consciousness.

It does get easier and filled with more higher energy of excitement as we evolve and expand our consciousness.
Infinite Light and Love,

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