Physical energy

by Jyoti

Thank you Anna! Reiki immersion shifted my vibrations and moved my consciousness. I had cleansing at the physical, mental and emotional levels which transformed me from within.

Since 14 years I live in prayers and gratitude along with unconditional faith and devotion. I always had low physical energy compared to others even when I was young and though now I have healed to some extent at the physical, mental and emotional levels, my physical stamina is a roadblock for me. I do get tired faster and need rest every afternoon (like always) failing which I feel totally drained. Any support would be appreciated. Peace!

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Old Imprints to New Personality
by: Anna

Hi Jyoti,
your so welcome, and thanks too for your appreciation. Through my own experiences of lack or draining of energy, I found that repetition of the experience of it will continuously keep the old pattern going.

So I began each day with the imagining myself as a new personality experiencing myself completely opposite. I'd imagine myself with an abundance of energy in everything I was doing.

Also throughout the day, whenever I'd begin to experience that drained tired feeling, I would STOP, and remind myself that's not me anymore. It's only left over echo's of past residue patterns lingering. And I would affirm to myself, I am filled with abundant energy, I am constantly re-energized (you can add any emotional affirmation that's stated in the present)

It only took a couple weeks of doing this consistently for it to completely change my energy state from feeling drained to feeling energized. All these years later, anytime I say to myself, I am re-energized, it still does the same thing, re-energizes me. Once our brain is wired for the new personality, it becomes automatic.

Hope this helped,
Love and Light,

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