Predicting the Events of a Book in My Dream

by Amy

In third grade, I was reading the book Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia Sorenson. I couldn't take the book home from school, so I can clearly remember where I had left off day after day.

One night, I had a very blurry and confusing dream, the details of which I cannot remember, however,one event that stuck out was a pile of small lumps wriggling as they burned in a fire and a lingering sense of shock and sadness.

The next day, I picked up the book and was shocked to read a scene where the main character's father found a family of mice in their cottage. He placed the babies in the oven and burned them to stop the infestation. I was so shaken I had to put the book away. The imagery of small, living things burning and that pained emotion were all there, the same as in my dream.

It was all too specific to be a mere coincidence. After that event I've had several insignificant precognitive dreams, however, this experience was by far the most vivid and the one that truly opened my mind to the existence of the supernatural.

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