psychic experiences

by vanessa
(hampstead, NH,USA)

i know im supposed to post this on the page it talks about it but i have a couple questions i want to ask after my story. i was born to early and died for five minutes when i was three months old. my grandmother says i am very connected to the other side.

i have four main psychic experiences that i would like to talk about.
my first one is when i was 14 i got into wicca and i was sitting in social studies class, now at the time i was very connected to my intuition. this kid in the class was being disruptive and the teacher sent him out into the hall to talk to him. i was very angry because it was my favorite class. his chair was a half a foot away from the table and a little over 2 feet from the wall behind it. when he came back in he was about to sit down and he wasnt touching the chair yet. i was looking at the chair and tapped my fist onto the table. The chair flew out from underneath him and slammed into the wall behind him.

the next one was i knew i was very telepathic and kind of still am today. when i do hear thoughts it not in my head that i hear them. i hear them as though you just said it to me. and its in full sentences. then next class we were watching a movie and i "heard" the kid next to me say it was a stupid me. so i turned around and said yah this is a stupid movie. The kid looked shocked then said. " i said that in my head" ive done that many times since but have no idea how to control it.

My last two go together my mom was into geneology so she would take us to cemetaries, well when she would take pictures we would see orbs. then as the years went by the orbs wouldnt let her take pictures. but when i took pictures its like the obs were photogenic because i always got alot of them. maybe its just me they like. and last me and my sister where in the living room of my grams house and we both saw a big white orb pop into existance float for a little bit then disappear.i went to turn around and had a strange feeling and turned back around then another white orb popped into existance and once agian floated a bit. the disappeared.

i dont know what it is about me that spirits like or why they show themselves to me. maybe because ive been to the otherside and back. my question is, is it possible for me to get all of these things back and learn how to control them. plus find out how psychically gifted i really am? please write back.

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Rekindling Your Divine Abilities
by: Anna

Absolutely Vanessa,
all of these experiences you had we're revealing your connection with the other side or other dimensions. In that 5 minutes you passed over/died, time is experienced differently than here, so 5 min here could of been like hours or days in comparison in the other dimension. So you most probably connected and had adventures with these other soul/spirits, being revived into this dimensional life you may have not remembered yet.

All these gifts are really divine natural abilities many individuals are working on mastering that you had naturally. I myself experienced telekinesis, telepathy, orbs and so on too decades ago and then began the process to learn everything I could about the nature of reality and our true being that lead me to the realization that these abilities are natural as we evolve. Though social consciousness society is slow in catching up with it all.

You can begin again to re-experience and use them just by bringing your focus upon them and desiring it again. You may need to practice a bit more if certain limiting beliefs were adapted from that past time, but through repetition as with any practicing to perfect it, you will succeed and master it.
Love and Light,

trying to remember
by: vanessa

thanks for the advice but from what i remember my intiution was strong back then and i had no problem believing that i could do those things. could you help me find out how to get it back. and i think that once i get it back i will have know problem using it. i think but any type of help would be apprecated. thanks.

Imagining with Emotions
by: Anna

I have two suggestions, first ask your infinite self or and infinite guides to help guide you with your desire and be aware of any guidance that comes through to you.

My second suggestion is to spend some quiet time in a relaxed state and focus your thoughts remembering what it was like, what it felt like when you were naturally and easily using your abilities. By doing this you are reconditioning your mind, brain and body to rekindle your abilities.

Allow yourself to relive that time now with new knowledge and focus your thoughts with emotions as if do already have your abilities and are using them in the way you desire to. You may now desire to have more conscious control or whatever new ways you desire to add to using your abilities you can add into your visualizing or imagining.

Doing this for 10 to 15 minutes a couple of times a day. If it feels natural with ease to do it longer then go with it.

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