quantum living question

by vanessa
(hampstead, NH,USA)

If i use quantum living and practice it. Is it possible to make myself immortal through quantum living? If so how would i go about practicing it? Also if i were to succeed i know that quantum stuff usually happens at a cellular level and i read in other books that when you do it the change will be instantaneous?

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Cellular Level
by: Anna

it's not really about changing quantum living because we are quantum living already, creating reality from the smallest particles that come from the infinite quantum wave field.

You are right about reconditioning at the cellular level. The only way I know of to do that is through repetition on a daily basis of entertaining, focusing on loving, enjoying life while exuberantly expanding consciousness on being a physical immortal being. Think of how life would be when you no longer have death as a belief. Expand from your deep inner thoughts and ideas of the new life you are now beginning to live life as being physically immortal.

You will notice many new thoughts surface that will support physical immortality while simultaneously this is also changing you at a cellular level.

Having it happen instantaneously is dependent upon each individual's beliefs. Though everything is possible when the beliefs are of absolute knowing.
Infinitely Anna

Question for you
by: Anonymous

Are you physically immortal? Have you succeeded at it? It helps my belief to know?

Knowing Feeling Inside
by: Anna

The best answer I can give you presently is that I know and feel that I have released the death urge as a result of releasing all that goes with death, which was over a two year process. Although everyone has free will so timing and processes will be different for others.

I have seen enough evidence for myself that I do create my reality and I trust myself more than ever now. I just feel this knowing inside however I haven't come across anything yet that can be shown as evidence when we are physically immortal.

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