Quantum living

by Vanessa
(Hampstead, NH.USA)

Can you use quantum living to become physically immortal? If so how?

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New Thinking Leads to Physical Immortality
by: Anna

Hi Vanessa,
Quantum is the smallest particles of physical reality that unfold from waves of quantum energy. So we are naturally already quantum living from within ourselves by either consciously creating or unconsciously creating from automatic habits of old beliefs. This is the designed nature of reality that we know of so far.

The only difference with creating mortality that leads to death or to become physically immortal is to change the thoughts that we entertain and focus upon on a daily basis. Through consistent repetition of letting go of the valued conditioned beliefs of dying and everything that it represents. And instead change our thoughts and feelings by focusing on the alignment of valuing life of being a physical immortal.
Hope this helps,
Infinitely Anna

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