Running Passed The Eye of a Psychic

by Marie
(Pennsylvania, United States.)

You're chilled, very chilled. You can feel your hairs being stimulated on your arm, you can feel the vibrations of the floor coming towards you-- no appearence is to be sought.

My theory behind this is that ghosts can't make themselves invisible as their presence is obvious. As all may be shocked at hearing that last sentence, I will explain my findings. At the turn of 8, I realized a special ability nobody else would really believe in. Now everybody is psychic, but one is more intuned than the other. But even the most intuned has a possibility of not seeing the apprations. Surprising? That's because 5/10 chance the psychic's don't know how to slow down their vision.

My belief is that ghosts are visible, as long as your seeing time more slower than usual. A ghost's appearance is seconds behind time. So when your mind is in a high-active rate, you will only be able to sense it but your mind is moving to agile to see it.

This will explain allot of things. Ever had that time of finding things in your peripheral vision that don't belong? The swift motions of white or black? The moving inanimate objects? Now think of when this happened? Normally when you're bored such as in class, at work, focusing on the screen of your computer, eyes locked onto your television. Or when their most active, when you're laying in bed-- getting rid' of the leftover energy you have so you can fall asleep. You're mind is slowing down for it is focused, and is breaking things down to make it more slower and to comprehend at your understanding.

That is why spirits or demons come out most likely during those times, that's when you can actually see them. When you're wide awake, and mind goes into panic mode hearing those footsteps coming towards you, and there is nothing but a exit way at the end of the hallway-- you won't be as afraid of them because you'll blow it off as your imagination.

For as to say Clairvoyance, the spirits will be able to give you a random at-thought vision of something you haven't seen before. I know I have before in my life.

Don't believe in everything you read, as I clearly state "Theory" and "Belief"
I wrote this to clear things up as a theory of why spirits aren't seen by the naked human eye at times, then at others their clear as day. For those of you whose experienced seeing a ghost in your life, just think back to what you were doing. Was your mind at it's low state? Was your mind at it's high state? What were you doing just before that appearance? Were you fighting with a sibling, partner, or parent? Were you easing your mind down only to see a spirit at you're blind side?

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Fantastic Explanation and Guidance
by: Anna

Wow, thanks Marie for sharing your explanation in such great depth of how to see and notice spirit or ghost around us. This is great guidance that we all can use. It really puts things into perspective that we need to slow down our time like a focusing tool to zoom them in so our vision can see them. Seeing them is more of a profound experience then just sensing and feeling them around.

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