Seeing things.

by julie
(new york)

Lately I have been seeing shadow like things. Sometimes they look like little creatures, like mice or even creatures as big as cats. Also non-creature like shadows also. Most of them move pretty fast but lately they seem somewhat moving slower. Just wondering if anyone knows what I am seeing and if anyone else is having this kind of experience. Thanks. Julie.

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Decoding the Message
by: Anna

Hi Julie,
hopefully others may have had a similar experience and will share it here too. For myself I have not experienced exactly creatures, however I have experienced shadows of beings.

My interpretation of it is that other dimensional beings, guides and realities are always around however usually invisible. However when we are more open and expanded in our perception these realities or beings can be seen.

We seem to filter them to appear through our own unique perception on how we personally patternize or perceptionalize what is there. Which is dependent on our own beliefs and expectations. And usually there's some type of meaning that can be interpreted to unravel or be decoded that can be helpful when it's deciphered.

Just an example, the mice creatures could be a sign of something you may be going through that is bothersome and is taking up allot of your attention. This could be helpful then to realize and change your focusing in a different way. Being in a relaxed state and asking yourself for inner guidance may unravel many insights about the experiences you are having.

Seeing things.
by: julie

Thank you so very much Anna. I never thought to look at it that way. I couldn't understand, of all things to see that I would be seeing mice! My favorite animals are dogs and wolves. I will definalty quiet my inner self and ask the stars to guide me into the hidden meaning of this. At first I would get jumpy when I noticed one of these shadows. But now I'm quite used to them. And if I don't see one in awhile, I find myself missing them. Lol. Julie.

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