by Sher
(Dubai, UAE)

Hi , It is so amazing and incredible to read your article! all blessings to you for sharing this.
I am cancer survivor back in 2011 very hard journey , however I now say all the time it was the best thing happended to me, it is literally shifted my life toward spiritual path and I am extremely thankful.

Since Sep 2012 I started developing same as your symptoms slowly and did some tests and nothing was found. however the symptomps getting more intense , in addition to Nausea, Diahera, stomach pain and tinggly feelign all over my body! It is now make so much sense to me because after my big C journey I have been so much feeling to find out more and more about life and its purpose and divinity.

I have done several past life regression which have been amazing and I have been able to see how much cleaning my soul needs! I need to let go so many of things and as you righly said what is happening to me now is the jounrney of clearing the blockage and DNA shifting. I feel so blessed and I would like to send you a lot of blessings for sharing this.

Also a comments of feeling alone mentioned by some people , we are never alone, we all have our gurdian angels with us every second and every step and they are with us to take us through our journey in this dimension, I know it for a fact because I have felt them and spoken to them. Althought I hope it become more frequent to give me strenght still feel blessed to have felt their presence in several occasions. lots of love and positive vibes to all wonderful souls out there! love and light

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Exuberant Experiences
by: Anna

Hi Sher,
All that you went through with the cancer and taking it as the biggest opportunity to learn and grow in expanding consciousness and purifying your soul is so enlightening. While taking the guidance from infinite guardians is a great learning insights for many also on this path.

Thank you so much for the reminder for the one’s that are feeling alone because your reminder will give them the guidance to open their hearts to their infinite guides. I couldn’t imagine going through everything without my infinite guides. Also thank you so much for the blessings too.
Love and blessings Anna

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