so what make people want to drink?

by Qunita Hamilton
(Jackson ms )

What make people want to drink?

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Beautiful Question
by: Anna

Hi Qunita, what a most beautiful question you

We all do everything unconsciously to eventually uncover and discover the Infinite One in ourselves. From conditioning we think external things will make us feel complete, until we come to realize the Infinite One inside ourselves is our true fulfillment. Then whatever we do, we do from the overflow of the Infinite, and everything is experienced of love, peace and joy. Instead of the unconscious needing. It's the human game in the Divine Big Game of All That Is.

All the suppressed emotions, memories of life from the ego programming cluttering that has covered up the Infinite Pure Self. When we discover the Infinite Divine Inside, the realization comes that nothing could ever give us first what the Infinite can. In discovering and recognizing the Infinite One inside, many realizations and questions are answered in a heart beat flash.

No one other than our self can experience that open heart recognition of Infinite self-realization. Awareness is the greatest tool that can lead you to enough space between your programming mind and the Infinite inside of you.

That Infinite open heart Embrace leaves such an imprint, that IT becomes your first priority. Then everything in life is seen and experienced with such fresh new aliveness, and many insights follow. The power and guidance of the Infinite becomes so naturally trusted, you just follow ITS Infinite Heart Pulse. Then you just know that everything in everyone's life is so perfect for their own awakenings when they're ready.

Others, or ourselves may still use external things as drinking alcohol, or whatever it is? Once the Infinite Self is recognized, everything is done and experienced As the Infinite One, not from the thinking programming mind. Unless the ego programming sneaks in, if we stay aware, we can catch it, and not engage in it.

When the "other" is ready at their own time, no matter what they are doing, it will fall away without effort of any kind. It will just be a natural release. Mooji is a great guide directing to the Infinite True Self inside.

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