strange DNA experience? activation??

by Marilyn
(Chicago, IL)

First body experience started, it was in 2012 around beggining of the month end of 2011. I was sitting on my bed close to my compute and I looked randomly at my bros side of his room at the white wall near the window just for a sec and I move my head and look to the tv abit then looked back at the wall next to the window. Right there at that moment I felt this strange feeling but wasn't a bad feeling but just by feeling it I can see it? It was a image, it was one and splited into 2 then it moved around then it connected became one it was like a minute or a sec when it happen it looked like a DNA.

july 30 2012 I was sitting close to my pc looking up then I looked down for a sec in that moment. I experience and felt something moved inside between my chest to my tummy it felt it was in the left and moved down around the right it happen omost turning to 4am. Like something shifted in me?????? And I felted inside of me spirited moved I wasn't completely align straight to my body like I was not balanced spiritualy like I was on the edged abit?? Hard explain..Hope u get it x.x

Hope someone can tell me what does this mean??...always been wondering..was this my activation??

Apologies about bad writting..because my hands is bothering me.

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Going with Your First Impression
by: Anna

Hi Marilyn,
going with your first impression is usually the answer to your question and it does sound to me as you experienced seeing a projection of an activation. We're learning to really trust ourselves and our experiences more than ever now. As the Infinite Source//Spirit can and does use many different ways to allow us to experience our expanding consciousness and different activations, sometimes in very unique ways.

Thanks for sharing your experience and if anyone else has had this experience too, we'd love to hear about it.
Infinitely Anna

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