Super skin reactions

I have scalp psoriasis amd Rosemead on my body.
I feel great but look scary. I feel a new scalp on my head, like a solid crust.
My body has several burgundy patches... I have to cover it it is solo intense. '

I feel a volcano exploded inside me, that my left and right brains connected, that my pineal gland is on and connected to my heart. I experienced faith and fear in the process recently test. ]

Saw dermatologist for diagnostic and just using topical oil to help it. Both my symptoms are considered not technically curable! Rosemead is a virus and lasts 4 weeks or so. Mxx

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Divinely Said
by: Anna

Salima, you so divinely expressed it with such beautiful exuberant confirmation, so right on.

Mxx, you are probably releasing built up toxins of old belief systems of energy (that could be labeled as a built up virus) that has been stored in your body cells. So it's a really good sign in realizing it's all being released, result the skin reactions.

Following Salima's advice, you will eventually see your body transforming the new patterning of enlightenment coding that's energize your cells, and the rash will just disappear. Just as you mentioned you know your right and left brain merging connections, and pineal gland and your heart connection too.

Similar to a metamorphosis of a butterfly that went through its stages to evolve to higher consciousness. Infinite Love is encoding your beingness.

by: Salima

Hi I've had vitiligo for the past year also. I know how you feel. My advise is look into nutrition first. Food really triggers illness. Secondly meditate and spend time in nature. Take up yoga. It relieves stress, heals internal body functions and empowers you from within. Focus thoughts only on the present moment and create positive thoughts only. Visualize yourself completely healed. The power of your subconscious mind a book by dr. Joseph Murphy has been immensely helpful. Look up Louise hay and her positive affirmations will restore you. Take up reiki. Vibrational healing seems to do what modern medicine can not. Your thoughts create your health wealth and reality. I believe if you have faith , be positive do all the above you will heal. Nothing is greater than the power of the divine intelligence or GOD. Circumstances don't matter only your state of being. Focus on being happy all the time. Your positivity will alter your body internally. Be patient. Everyday say to yourself ..I am grateful for my healing. I am being healed by divine intelligence...thank you. Always be grateful for even the tiny tiny blessings. You will heal. You are healing as you read this. God bless.

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