Surprising Bodily Changes at The Age of 71

by Linda DeLap
(Auburn, Washington, United States)

I checked the 57 possible symptoms of spiritual enlightenment.. To my surprise, I appear to be experiencing several-Intense hot and cold sensations.- Buzzing in my ears. Seeing things from the corner of my eye, but when I look there is nothing there.

Intensifying episodes of synchronicity- My sister and I began reading the same book, and then found on comparing notes, that we were both reading the same page at the same time in our respective copies; seeing a subject in a book, on a newscast or radio program and then seeing it appear in multiple other locations in just a day or so.

Extreme pain upon waking in the morning in upper back, shoulder blades and neck which feels like it is going all the way up into my brain stem. Moving around and exercise eases this pain. Episodes of acute pain in my lower back, at different times. My hair seems to be changing color. It is grey and silver these days but is now getting darker, starting at the back of my neck. In my youth I was a brunette.

I cannot eat like I used to..If I don't limit my portions, I get sick. I can eat vegetables, but not meat. Increased intuition and flashes of insight. I am doing a lot of crying which seems to beneficial as it is cleansing, and I cry so easily at sad movies, events, etc.` I am also laughing a lot more. I think this is also therapeutic, because there is so much humor in everything and laughing feels good.

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