by cynthia

I've noticed over the last few years depending on my emotions things around me fly off shelves or move when I walk by or if I'm in the other room or in a store. I'm starting to connect the dots I've always been an empathy and I belive I have some psychic gifts.

I believe I can time travel. Do you think I might have some form of telekinesis? I have experienced things all my life but just was told it was all in my head or evil. I feel like my family thinks something is wrong with me, can you help me? Sometimes I think maybe I'm losing my mind.

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Emotional Energy without Resistance is Powerful
by: Anna

Hi Cynthia,
when we experience anything that's out of the "norm" it does feel like we're losing our mind because our rational mind actually is not sure how to deal with what doesn't fit into the box of normal. By contemplating with new knowledge your rational mind can adapt to your abilities. The reason your family (or others) think its evil is because they don't understand reality and see it through the perception of dogma.

It's only perceived as psychic gifts because the "norm" has not evolved to using their abilities yet, however everyone does have this ability, but it's just not their time yet to experience it. For some others to experience telekinesis may take practicing until its controllable and mastered. The underlying truth may be that there's allot of resistance if we are not able to do it as naturally as you do without any resistance.

Intense focused emotions is what fuels thoughts, desires, either subconsciously or consciously into physical reality experiences. Telekinesis is being so aligned (at one, unified) with your energy and objects, that they move without physically touching them. So you are energizing objects with your energy that they move.

You being an "empathetic" tunes in such a direct way, and you can calm it down by practicing to be detached emotionally from others, yet still be loving. This way you're not being subconsciously reactive from others emotions and this may also calm down the energy of objects moving that seems like it's random, but it's actually a result of your emotional attachment that powers the moving of objects.

Reminding yourself consistently and practicing your control over your own energy with choosing thoughts and emotions to gain your own control is the only way I know of to gain control of telekinesis. Also realizing that you have a great benefit because once you master and control your ability to move objects, you can also teach others from your experiences.
Love and Light, Anna

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