The ghost at the door

by Tobi desu
(New York)

This was a while back now but has been a key point in my life, maybe the cause for my beliefs in the paranormal. I was, like, 2 or something. One of my only memories from when I was a baby.

When I was young I can remember lying in my cot asleep until a loud noise came from outside the room. The door was shut before I was asleep but when I woke up it was wide open. I remember staring out from the bars of my cot, whilst a tall figure stared back at me, watching my every movement. I thought it was my mam so I shouted for her to pick me up. I then started to cry because she wouldn't come in to see me.
I then heard footsteps coming from the stairs and heard my mother shouting "Ok, calm down darling (something similar) i'm coming!" I then became confused and looked at the figure that was still staring at me. The footsteps were then on the landing and a face then ran past the figures body and came to pick me up. I was amazed, it was my mam. I then quickly turned on my mothers shoulder to see how she ran through it like that, and it was gone. Just like that.

This memory has been one of the biggest memories of my life and I never want to forget it.

Hi Tobi,
Yes spirit energy is always around us and when we are just newly birthed we are not limited in our perceptions compared to when we adjust to physical life and become more limited. The more open we become, the more that appears invisible becomes visible to us.
Thanks for sharing

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