the road to salvation


if you could, why would anyone want to be immortal in this life and if its so all bliss and joy how come the gurus nobody sees, live in hiding away from negativity. sounds like hell to me.

Our souls are immortal and God has promised a resurrection of our bodies and soul to live eternally in paradise.

We do not create sickness or poverty, unless we expose our body to harmful elements or do not have the capacity or luck for wealth. Otherwise God will decide when we live or die.

Please read john chapter 7 verse 16

My teaching is not mine but his who sent me, if any mans will is to do his will, he shall know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority, he who speaks , on his own authority seeks his own glory, but he who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true and in him there is no falsehood.

God tells us in the Bible that our bodies die and decay, and God will raise us up our bodies at the resurrection, so who is the deceiver, him who is contrary to the word of God.

Our only power comes from God, through prayer, we do not create in our own right. So call me negative or prehistoric but I guarantee, we will die,.

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Guidance from the Heart
by: Anna

Hi Jane,
I can't speak for the guru's who do that, all I know is my own experiences. For me, all interactions have a built in initiation for my inner love (divine) evolutionary growth. I found the most amazing freedom, security, bliss, fun and excitement in using reflection work with everything and everyone. Then I was able to know myself in so many areas, working on myself not the other person, for the becoming of infinite love.

Does there have to be a deceiver if we are from One Infinite Whole of Creation/Creator and just fragment beings playing roles to eventually ascend to the whole again?

So my intention is not to convince anyone about Physical Immortality, however to open the door for any others that may have it in their spirit/soul destiny, if they resonate with it.

When I began becoming unconditionally loving to myself, and it naturally overflowed with all others, many experiences was evidence for me that Infinite Creation/Creator must be so unified and whole, and is eliminated (has no need) of judgments, just loves unconditionally.

It never made any sense for me that we live such short lives, especially when we begin to have so much excitement, fun and enjoyed learning through it all. And especially experiencing more and more sovereignty of being our own authority that for me is the connection of the Infinite/Creator/God.

It was the turning inside for me and actually becoming my own authority was my big catalyst. I've experienced from a lot of experiments with giving my own meaning to different foods, so toxin's are actually neutral, until we give the meaning that our body will react as a result, or continue to live out whatever meaning social consciousness has given to any substance.

With every experience that I realized and experienced that I healed what I originally created in sickness to health, experiencing desires manifested by my own inner work, allowing and trusting that many pieces came together that physical immortality would be the next stage of evolution for me.

I also made a choice to listen to my inner divine guidance that feels the most loving, compassionate and heartfelt, and joyful, and not any authority or religion. Most teachings and guidance came through synchronicity, when I needed to know it and resonated with it.

Infinite Information is always available, for me it doesn't even matter where or who it's coming from, if it resonates with my heart.

I do feel that if a person believes they will die, and doesn't contend to that subconscious death habit, then, yes death will be result.

I am not making any guarantees about any of it. I am just preferring to no longer desire to keep experiencing recycled past, and so enjoy experience new horizons to experience.

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