This is utterly amazing.

by captain metrocity

I Can't Believe What Is Happening To Me As I Read This. The Laughter This Article Generated Within Me Is Resounding Through The Passageways Of My Very Genetic Spiritual Being. It's Like I Have Awoken From A Blissfully Ignorant Slumber Only To Find The cold Harsh Steel Of Reality Slap Me With The Authority Of A Pimp. To Find Such Enlightement On The Internet Is Surely A Sign Of Life On Mars.

I Have Been Experiencing Extreme Hallucinations And Paranoia For About ThreE Months. I Often Contemplate Suicide. Now I Know That It's Just My DNA Changing! And That's Normal! It's Like A Second Puberty. Thank You, Fellow DNA Brethren! I Hope My Story Will Lend Credence To Your Wonderful Teachings. Live Long And Prosper.

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by: julie

This is so fantastic and comforting to know that there are others out there and that we are finially finding each other. Just knowing that others are going though the same experiences and that I'm not going crazy is a big relief. I always thought there was "something" more to whats going on inside of me. Its just a knowing.

Enlightening to the Changes
by: Anna

Hi Captain, DNA Brethren,
I am so glad that you have seen the light! I do realize too that when going through these dna symptoms it can be really challenging until we realize what’s really going on. Those feelings of suicide I intuitively think are the old ego programs or left over residue of the altered personality going through a changing process, unknown to itself until now. So feeling that suicidal tendencies makes sense too, because in a sense the old you is dying while the new you is rebirthing inside while still in your body.

You will find such amazing experiences will unfold along the way, like pure love, bliss, desires manifesting and so on. Though there may still be some back and forth for a bit, the new you experiencing the new feelings will be the greatest reward. Keep hanging in, though it’s a wild journey, it’s so worth it as you are finding out now.

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us, we really appreciate it, we are all going through similar and unique experiences, so it helps so much as we share what we individually go through.

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