Time warp

by Rhonda Ferguson
(Bridgeport Pa)

Pulled into a CVS pharmacy to pick up a few things I had coupons for went to the counter to pay...inspite if the fact that I saw Walgreens on the products...I mentally swore and insisted I was In. CVS....I handed my coupons to the cashier and he looked at me and said Miss this is Walgreens??? Could've knocked me over with a feather...I'm still shaking my head....CVS was on the next block up the street...lol

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Reality Shift thru Warping of Time
by: Anna

Hi Rhonda,
It really is expanding consciousness to have experienced a time warp, or reality shift as you’ve had, knowing you went into one store and experience reality shift to be in the other store.

To have that experience is a sign that you have raised yourself into higher frequencies, higher consciousness as the experience is feedback on how flexible time-space really is. So many similar things like this are being experienced by so many and showing us that reality is constantly shifting without our awareness until we experience reality shifts, just as you have. Then the feedback of the experience breaks down the old illusions of limited beliefs about the nature of reality and our time and space within it.

If time is an illusion when perceived from linear perception, which I believe it is, and time is frequencies of units of vibration, then time can be perceived as a tool we use to move through consciousness in space, then more and more seems to make sense of reality shifting in warping of time.

Thanks Rhonda for sharing your experience with us as this may trigger others to share more of these types of experiences too.

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