Transformation Adventure!

My symptoms have been plenty! From vertigo to experiences of synchronicity and frequent OBE's it's been an adventure I tell you! Here they are:

In 2006 I realized that I could see auras around people which scared me at first but I essentially relaxed about it and then began to read up on it to learn what the phenomenon was and how to use it and eventually help others.

In the spring of 2011 my third eye opened which was an experience in itself. As I started and continued my meditations I began to see places I believe I've never been before, experience psychedelic visions as well as visions that would come true and dream very vivid dreams. I would always (still do) feel tingling on top of my head and in between my eyes. I always see orbs of light in my left eye as well, which I learned were my spirit guides.

At the end of 2011 I changed jobs after 5 years from working at home to education, my desired profession since I was a child. I feel comfortable in education and I found that I could use my gift of seeing auras in the classroom to identify indigo children.

I've also had experiences of astral projection and OBEs quite often. I've become quite used to the experience of OBEs where when I do leave my body I have no fear of walking around my apartment or going elsewhere. In other words I've had no bad experiences while having an OBE...felt quite peaceful. While settling for sleep at night, the vibration of my whole body would give me the hint that I was going to have an OBE by the way!

The experiences of synchronicity and been plenty as well. I would see 11:11 or 1:11 on digital clocks, microwaves and car tags so often to where it always got my attention. There was one time I was heating something up in the microwave and set it for 2 minutes. I can not make this up! The microwave literally stopped on 1:11! I looked at it, shook my head and immediately thought it was the freakiest thing ever. I said, "Thank You and You've got my attention!"

As far as the water I'm drinking, I've made sure the water I drink doesn't have flouride or any other chemical in it that would potentially damage my pineal gland. I try to eat natural and cut out sugars, salt and eat meat with higher vibrations such as chicken. Red meat has been cut out of my diet.

As far as sickness is concerned, my last sickness was this past December 2012. The whole month I was sick! I hadn't been sick for years before that, not even a cold. My sinuses were clogged, coughing and sneezing that seemed to make up for all the time I wasn't sick over the years! My body felt like blah!

Everyday is a new experience and I look forward to my total transformation!


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Exuberant Attitude has the Highest Benefits
by: Anna

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. You have experienced many expanding changes as you grow in higher consciousness as your DNA continually changes.

It also sounds like that last Dec sickness may be like a last purging of left over residue from past blocked built up emotional energy being released. What a fantastic sign that is. And your awareness, and accepting loving attitude shows that so many great experiences will become also for you because you are perceiving it all as an exuberant adventure.

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