by Truth

I have had many experiences in my lifetime. Many years of being aware great energy passing through my physical body. Being empathetic to others to the point I actually become their emotion, speak their words without being aware of it at all.

I could share many experiences, but the most memorable one of all is when I was in Europe in 2007. I was at a club and I had encountered a fellow being with whom I felt for some reason I knew, had a connection with.

This was not like anything I had encountered before. During the evening I had to spend a penny. On exiting I preceded to walk for a couple steps. Unexpectantly I had stopped dead in my trax. I could not move. It was an unexplicable feeling. No matter what I did I could not move. Then from nowhere came the being (I say a being, but as far as was concerned she was human)

As she passed me I seemed to have come out of my coma like state. We talked and as she talked it seemed that everything she said resonated with my being to the point like I felt I already knew.

Later I went to say bye as my friend and I had to go back to our base. As we held hands to kiss goodbye ( on the cheek of course) I was overcome by a sense of great euphoria, that great I felt as if I was floating on air. My senses where senseless , shapes where shapeless, the whole room vibrated. I was on cloud nine. As I gazed into her aura it beamed bright white light which encompassed her whole body. I was instantly addicted to the feeling.

For many years after that I could only think of that moment. I went into deep depression and all the symptoms above. Its as if I have an endless stream of energy regardless of how I felt. It is most intense at this moment in time. Although I strove in my career and work. Everything seemed in place, but it was as if I had taken on more than I could handle.

Then 2 years later we met again, but this time on my home turf. thousands of miles away. The situation that arose was one I would of never thought possible. But the morning before it happened I woke up to a visual or vision of this person walking towards me it was that clear I actually sat up in my bed shook my head and said" Nah". In disbelief that I should encounter that person again. I will share another time with you the second phase.

There has been none who have been able to explain this phenomena It feels good to share without fear, without shame in the knowledge that others are experiencing the same thing as I am. It can be a lonely place out their sometimes. But now I feel relieved as I feel I understand now. Has anybody had a similar experience? Does my experience have anything to do with DNA activation?
Thanks for listening. love and light

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Beautifully Explained
by: Anna

Blackbird, I knew you could fly, with your natural ability for remote viewing, among many other abilities, your wings continually expand.

by: Blackbird

Wow Anna your answer was right on!! Truth you are definitely experiencing a higher level of consciousness and it sounds awesome!

I remember a similar incident happening only once to me in my life in 1997. I moved to a different state and was going to the store. AS soon as I drove into the entrance of the parking lot I saw a man standing in the parking lot passing out fliers. Instantly, I went into a trance, I felt as if I was in a warped tunnel vision that even had a sound of waaamp * waaaaamp* waaaamp* lol very slow and vibrational type feeling and sound. Cupid had pulled its arrow. It was the weirdest thing ever. I think he and I had been in another time together. We did marry a year after that. While we were married I would see him in my dreams in another time period, like Victorian era.

One day I was driving somewhere and he wasn't with me but I looked in the mirror and he was sitting in the back sit staring at me. I turned around to look at him, he stared and was gone. We are no longer married but maybe a twin flame of some sort at one time. Maybe we had some unfinished business or something, I dunno.

I do interact on a astral level with one person in particular but only once was the physical body made aware to me, its more on an energetic level.

I'm starting to notice that we who have these abilities may be stronger in one or more areas. For example my strong suite is remote viewing, its seems to be pretty easy for me. As well another ability that is being enhanced and tuned at the moment. So my clairvoyance is the strongest out of my other abilities, hearing, feeling etc.

Now you on the other hand it sounds like you have something very strong and valuable with you. Do you meditate? If not I would strongly suggest you do so. You may easily be able to connect with her anytime you want, if that is what you wish.

The depression thingy, oh yes indeedy can relate all over the place with that one. Empaths are big ol' sponges just happily soaking things up, like a biscuit soaking up gravy, lol. I hope you are grounding and shielding yourself. It sounds like after you big experience with her, your higher level of consciousness, the blissful energy surge that you were given was drained when your energetic consciousness hit ground 3D earth again. I too have noticed the more I evolve and the more new experiences I have I can easily get drained if I'm not doing the things to protect myself (grounding, etc.) The grounding and shielding has helped me tremendously and others like us.

Well Truth it has been a blast reading your post and chit chatting for a moment with you. I send you a calming, reassuring feeling of happiness, love, joy and bliss straight to your 4th chakra and may it enter you an vibrate energy of love and acceptance to all in your path and may they vibrate the same to others, so be it.

Glad you arrived here :)

"I always told them I could fly, but no one ever believed me"

Higher Beings
by: Anna

Hi, thanks so much for sharing your experience, and yes, most of us do have alone feelings until we come to realize that more and more are having similar experiences. Thank goodness for the internet and technology that we are able to now connect with others similar to ourselves. And share so many experiences that are all part of us evolving into higher consciousness.

It sure does sound to me as an interaction with a higher consciousness being that unfolded of euphoria and feeling lifted and light. The depression was probably after experiencing such bliss compared to normal reality, sometimes there's a lag until the body becomes more comfortable with the higher frequencies. The vibration becomes more pure with a clean, clearer connection to infinite beings.

I myself have had many interactions with higher beings, sometimes it's telepathic, or feelings of them around. I always have a second empty chair in my sacred room, kind of like a open invitation for higher beings. Sometimes I see them in a translucent figures too. Many ascended beings appear to help us along the way, for them to become visible means we are in tune on a similar vibration, as you were at those times.

There are infinite layers of reality surrounding us. Most individuals don't see these other dimensions until they become more open and atoned or in tune, to be able to tune them in. Similar to analogy of tuning in tv channels of programs, radio stations, and internet websites. Our body and brain becomes a clearer receiver to tune in these higher beings.

So it does sound as you have activated more infinite DNA to be experiencing interacting with what most people would see as invisible. Especially that you had the higher lifting experiences.

So all these seeming invisible dimensional realities have always been there surrounding us, appearing as invisible until we raise our consciousness to allow what's invisible to be more visible to us.

Again thank you and do continue to share with us your experiences, it really is a great service when we "come out of the closet" so to speak, for ourselves and others too.
Love and Infinite Blessings,

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