Turning water into Wine, Parallel Realities?

by Anna Antoski

If we were to put parallel realities into the mix of the experience of Jesus turning water into wine perceiving it from expanded infinite consciousness, what would the scenario be like?

If there’s infinite frequencies similar to channels we tune into that becomes the reality we experience then all the people that believed that Jesus turned the water to wine would be on for example channel 3. But the people who didn’t believe the water turned into wine would be on channel 1, so they are not able to see the result of the miracle. Both channeled realities are available to perceive, channel 3 would be invisible right beside channel 1 but not perceivable. We would also be able to realize how easily arguing and fighting about what we see compared to what the other sees and experiences filtered through each individual’s beliefs. How quickly would peace resume because there would be no right or wrong, instead only different perceptional realities being experienced. No need to fight or argue about it, instead just change the channel by tuning in your own thoughts that will tune into the channel where everyone is already in that reality with this wisdom.

So anything can be tuned into focused perceptional reality when we channel our belief as being the tuner into that reality. Similar if we took 2 mirrors facing each other and everything in our mirror would include to become infinitely projected, but whatever was not in the mirror area wouldn’t be projected, similar to holographic. If we use this analogy or perception with everything in our reality then it’s amazing how differently we would not only react to everything but how we choose to be the master also of the channel’s we choose to tune into too. All depending on what we choose to think to feel with pure awareness would really inspire us to do the work to make those conscious changes in all of our reactions too.

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Parallel Realities
by: Anonymous

Hi Anna, thanks for a very insightful post. Yes, I agree there are thousands, perhaps millions of parallel universes and channels that each of us can tune into at any time, and many do. That explains why one person can be totally calm in situations that others find intolerable.

Turning water into Wine, Parallel Realities?
by: Roy K Austin

Reflecting on this article I first felt that if spirit is the causal element that transmute into
what we call matter, viz this earthly experience,
then why not -ie Jesu changing water into wine.I have always loved this human mystic although I cannot connect him to Christendom which formed a century after his execution. J Krishnamurti and many other 20th century sages teach us to be wary
of the "body mind" Modern and ancient.For it is the working of the brain which dies with the body.Not our true identity. Jesu for me had cosmic consciousness and his language was a lot of the time, mystical and not derived from his thinking brain.In his mystical utterances he often clashes with Christendom, ie "you read the scriptures daily for you think you have life in them", or when asked to attend a funeral he opined, "Let the dead bury the dead".Not interested in going!!! Jesu was love and the poet WH Auden wrote-"We must love one another or die".
It is not real for me-turning water into wine but I love the story.

Cosmic Consciousness
by: Anna

I so resonate with you about many of the mystics, ascended masters evolved to cosmic consciousness by dissolving the workings of the brain, or ego mind. Which seems as a result they'd have incredible abilities to do much more than turn water into wine, so they can use the abilities to be of the greatest service to humanity.

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