Twin Flames

by julie

I met mine. Was wondering if anyone else did or what are your thoughts one this subject.

Comments for Twin Flames

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We found each other in April
by: Anonymous

Wouldn't trade this awesomeness for much love 💞

I found mine
by: Anonymous

I found her 10 months ago, and she is the best friend I have ever had. "Best friend" cheapens it, because our relationship is so much more than that. When we first met, we sat for over an hour, trying to figure out where we knew each other from, because we both knew there was no way we hadn't been close as children, or SOMETHING. We have finally come to the conclusion that we are twin flames, and we have met, just not in this life. Our relationship is raw, and real, and the most intimate either of us has ever had. Nobody understands it.

I met mine ...
by: Anonymous

It changed me.

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