ummm, really cool stuff happens to me.

by Bridget

I don't even remember dreaming, I remember waking up and seeing a monk,(everything was black except for the brilliant silver definitions of the body, face, robes, all the details.) in one of those old robes with the rope as a belt, had prayer beads,hands in his robe sleeves,hood was on, he had chubby cheeks and needed a shave.

I could see every fiber on his robes, every unshaved piece of hair on his face. As I looked further down to his feet that I couldnt see. I looked back up and his face changed to an Otter with long sharp canines, and the look it had was a look of, "you dont mess with me"... kind of look, but it wasnt directed to me. it was directed towards a female elf who had long flowing wavey hair in a newer hood whos face morphed into an evil looking witch with a mole and misshaped nose and chin. Her head was all I could see above my bed and as she dissipated into smoke, I looked back to the otter who had completely disappeared. I blinked a few times and then realized I could move and breathe and sit up.

While I was checking all this out with my eyes, it was as if my body wasnt there even though I knew I was in it, I could see my nose and see my body in front of me. Its as if the monk/otter put me to ease so I wouldn't freak out. And that he was protecting me from the witch who hitched a ride to this reality from the astral plane.

I realize i do a lot of astral work while Im asleep. (Shaman work) It still happens but now I only see people or sprites, or elfs, dead people, animal spirit guides, vortex/portals, and chakra colors while my eyes are closed vs open, and mentally aware, not asleep at all.

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