by Pam

I have been meditating for almost 2 years now. I started doing that because I was going through a rough time with my life back then and I found out that meditation can help me. I am not religious but I sporadically practice meditation and quite excited about the result it gave me. I was living my life in a routine manner and somehow I ended up knowing about the Illuminati on youtube and I have been obsessed ever since.

Even before being obsessed with "conspiracy theory" stuff, I had 2 months of suffering of vertigo and during that time, for the first time in my life, something weird happened to my period. During those 2 months, my first period is very light and the following month, it was really heavy. I thought it was weird but it is only logical thing to think that maybe that's just nature. I guess hormonal imbalance is normal.

As I continue researching, I am then become aware of "awakening."
It freaked me out that I have some of those symptoms. I am becoming more and more obsess with the possibility of my capability to see beyond the physical things that I no longer know if I am just over thinking or if it's an actual awakening.

I don't think my 3rd eye chakra is open but I feel I am close. Everytime I close my eyes, I am afraid to fall asleep coz I have been experiencing OBE via sleep paralysis and at one point, a guide calmed me down that when I woke up, it freaked me out coz I have been suffereing sleep paralysis all my life and it was first time that a shadow actually calmed me down and I just submitted. No words.

I have no one to talk to about it and I am confused. I think it won't be long til my friends think that I am a cuckoo. Please help me.

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Thank you!
by: Pam

Thank you so much, Ana. You have no idea how glad I am to know that I am not alone. Just reading those symptoms, it finally made sense. I am no longer afraid and ready for the unknown to serve my ultimate purpose: to love.

much love,

Awakening Signs
by: Anna

Hi Pam,
Just as Shelsey said, we compassionately are here for you, as many of us are going through, or already had similar experiences.

The guides seem to always be around, however they don’t interfere until we give them signs, (either consciously or unconsciously) that give them permission in a sense to help. And since you have been meditating and expanding your consciousness you are raising your consciousness, so what was invisible to you in the past is now becoming more visible now. It’s a fabulous sign.

Your body also goes through changes and this could also be the effect of noticing period changes, again as you expand consciousness the body does go through different changes as it’s processing the new information that is of higher knowledge.

The same thing with conspiracy’s we become interested in because we are seeing more of what’s going on, it’s like breaking through many illusions and letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve us. I found it also to be like another stage we may go through, and then we go beyond the conspiracy’s into more empowering focusing of our attention because when we realize we are creating our reality, we also know whatever we focus on expands. So when we break through many old illusions, we become even more empowered and even conspiracy’s become less important than in the past.

This journey we are on gets even more exciting and fun the more we go through the growing challenges.
Love and Light, Anna

by: Shelsey

I'm so glad your seeking lead you here. You are amongst good people that do not think your "cuckoo". You sound like you have been doing good research and learning more and more about yourself. You're off to a great start!! I would love to connect with you :) I'm on here under 'Shelsey Pseudo'. Please friend me on fb cindybrownie23@yahoo.com I would love to connect with you.

***The shadow people come to me in my meditations too

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